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Valentine’s Day Coloring Book Pattern Or My Newsletter Debut

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Veröffentlicht: 12.02.2016
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Lesedauer: 1 min

Die deutsche Übersetzung hierfür finden Sie hier


Ok, I’m all right now. I’m about to release my first newsletter. So I’m a little bit excited. Let me take a breath for a while.

Ok, now I’m really all right now.

To celebrate this epic event (at least for me) and because it’s almost Valentin’s Day I give away a coloring book pattern. Scroll to the bottom to find the download link.

You know, I already wrote a post about my new love for the coloring books (sorry, only in German) and about my new coloring book Coloring Book for Adults: Wallpapers dry media (English edition) (the post is in German, too, so be sure to scroll to the bottom for the direct Amazon link). Thus my obsession for coloring book patterns. Sorry, perhaps it will be gone one day, but for now I have to live with it.

Here you can download the PDF-file. It’s for DIN A4 size paper. Have fun.

And one another novelty: This could be my #ShortestPostEver (except for cite posts, of course).

See you later,


P.S.: Would you like to hear from me from time to time whenever I? Then sign-in for my newsletter right now.

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