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New Service for Authors: Your Script formatted as Ebook and as PDF for Print by Mira Alexander,

New Author Service: Ebook And Print Book Formatting

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I have a dream. It is about creating adult coloring books and writing a novel (and a lot of other stuff, too).

Until now I have created three coloring books in print and I have just got back my first novel from editor. Boy, I didn’t think it would be so hard to wait for a feedback! And I sure didn’t think it would be so pricey to format a book for the print.

I do ebook formatting for years. And it has been long time since I formatted my first big PDF file, my diploma thesis.

Now I am offering ebook and print book formatting as an author service. I format ebooks as epub (Tolino Media etc.) and mobi (Kindle) as well as print books as PDF (for CreateSpace, BoD and other printers). I deliver more than one format if you opt for more than one distributor/printer.

Because of different media constraints one can never achieve a 100% match between ebook and print book templates but I aim for the best possible match. Up to date you have some templates for fiction to choose from and I keep designing new ones. Stay in touch if you are interested in ebook and pbook formatting.

I do not limit my services to predefined fiction templates. Feel free to contact me if your script is an illustrated (children) book, a cookbook, an anthology, and so on.

I spent last months creating coloring books and designing templates for fiction so for the time being you won’t see here an uberfancy landing page because I rather will spend my time to format your scripts than to add blink-blink to my web page.

If you are interested in coloring books or want to see how they might look in print take a look at my Coloring Book For Adults: Wallpapers dry media (english edition) or Coloring Books For Adults: Chinese Proverbs Volume 1 (sorry, at the moment only available in German; english edition in work). You may even download an excerpt of my Chinese Proverbs Coloring Book (german edition) as a printable PDF (contains three from 26 images; for private use only). One of my former posts contains examples with ebook and print book for download (the post is in german but the links are labeled bilingual).

I expand my template library for both ebooks and print so be sure to subscribe to my newsletter if you want to stay informed about new templates.

I am an indie self publisher myself so I know too well how much publishing a book may cost thus I aim to make you the best possible offer. Each script is different. Send me a representative excerpt of your script along with some extra information so I can estimate the costs. Contact me right now.

Best wishes Mira Alexander

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